Body Treatments

The Exfoliating Body Polish £35.00
Full Body Massage £39.00
Back, Neck & Shoulders Massage £26.00
(with paraffin wax application) £15.00 extra

Mirific - Relaxing Body Massage

This treatment combines the best manual techniques and four precious oils with anti-ageing and nourishing properties.

The massage consists of enveloping manoeuvres and pressure points to relieve tensions.

60 mins   £58.00

Mirific - Express Exfoliation

An exfoliation with four precious oils including apricot kernels for that total refreshing feeling.

30 mins   £44.00


Your therapist will choose the perfect tanning products for your treatment. St. Tropez and Guinot are our choices.

This treatment provides a natural even tan whist softening the skin. A beautiful even tan is achieved by a manual application and can be topped up with one of our home care products from our extensive collection.

Tanning applied by hand.

Complete body and face treatment to include an exfoliation £48.00
Total body £40.00
Legs and face £17.50
Legs £15.00