Hands & Feet

We use specialist Mavala Nail products.

File and polish £17.00
Lawnes manicure £29.00
Lawnes Platinum manicure £36.00
(file, cuticle work, exfoliation, massage, mask and polish)

Lawnes luxury pedicure £37.00 

Additional extras.       
French polish hands or toes. £6.00
Swarovski Nail Art £8.00

We also offer an additional paraffin wax application to soothe and nourish dry skin and relieve painful joints.

This is a supplement of £11.00 for this treatment.

Also 10 mins. extra massage on hands or feet. £12.00


Tired of peeling and splitting nails... Try Calgel.

A nourishing colour or clear gel overlay, helping to protect the nail and build strength. Calgel is great for nail biters or those with naturally short nails who want to achieve beautiful nails.                                                                                               Designed with the natural nail in mind. Calgel has a flexible, yet strong nature which allows movement with the natural nail.

This significantly reduces the risk of your natural nail peeling, splitting or breaking while wearing calgel.

Totally chip free, dry instantly and hard wearing, lasts up to six weeks.

Clear or solid colour on hands £32.00

Pedicure and gel £52.00

Manicure and gel £42.00

French Finish on feet or hands £7.00 extra

Removal of Gel

(fingers or toes)

Removal No 1
Removal and strengthener £16.00

Removal No 2
Removal and Manicure £32.00

Please note that Calgel is applied to your own nails and should be only carried out if the nails are in a good condition. We recommend a manicure or pedicure prior to this treatment. This is essential for excellent results.

A little extra…

An application of warm, soothing, moisturising paraffin wax can be added to any manicure or pedicure.
This wax treatment aids in the absorption of the oil to nourish and feed the skin and nails.

Especially good for brittle nails and very dry skin. Extra £11.00

A french polish finish can be added to any of the treatments. This classic way of finishing off the edges of the nails with white makes for a charming change from the normal painted finish.  Extra £7.00

After your Manicure or Pedicure, we can enhance the nails with Crystal Art,  a glamorous finish of tiny jewels for your beautifully groomed nails. The colours and shapes to your choice. Extra £8.00

Gel nails Removal

Removal, file, buff & specialised products applied, finished with a professional polish. £16.00 to £32.00
Prices for removal are same for toes and fingernails.

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